about me

I am a doctoral student in theology in Yale’s Religious Studies department. I study gay literature and Christian theology, and I expect to graduate in 2025 or 2026. At Yale, I work primarily with Linn Tonstad, Katie Lofton, Kathryn Tanner, and Langdon Hammer.

I have a blue tick coonhound mix named Eva, short for Evangeline.

Throughout college, I used the blog portion of this website to share personal essays, poetry, and, thoughts on current events. The blog, these dated clouds, has now been closed, archived, put on the shelf. It is very much the work of a younger me, but you can scroll through it here.

I have an online project that is sloooowly unfolding on gay/queer theology and the church: homodoxy.com.

Lecture sketch by Samara Sorce.