Artist Feature: Mary Campbell

Hanging out with Mary Campbell is one of the great things about being back in Seattle; she is a wonderful person and a gifted photographer. We embarked on a little trip to Discovery Park this weekend as the sun set. She took some pictures.

I think all of the pictures of me on this website were taken by her at one time or another. But, surprise surprise, her talents extend beyond taking pictures of me. She brings her camera where’er she roams to capture the instant, resulting in photographs ranging from awe-inspiring land and seascapes to intimate portraits that embody her subject’s spirit. All of her pictures are instilled with a sense of adventure that arises not only from her subjects but from her very soul.

For your enjoyment, some recent photos from her tumblr blog:

Much love to the Soup.

spring break 2013

In my careless free fall into annoying amateur iPhone photography, I’ve stumbled across a new app called Plastica. It attempts to replicate the photographs of plastic cameras, something I know nothing about. Here are some pictures from the last couple of days:

my living room



ice on the beach of South Haven



me, on the beach of South Haven


Colorado, as seen from a plane