the end of a sophomore year

A collection of images from the last week of my sophomore year at SPU. All of these were edited with the recently updated VSCOcam app—perhaps the best photo editing app there is (that I have seen).


The study of Dr. Priscilla Pope-Levison, the wonderful woman whom I have had the opportunity to work for this year.




Grace and Kitten.


The sunset as seen from the Ballard bridge.


Maddie and myself, passed out from the intense wonder of Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee.


Myself, in a nest of thriftables, fresh from the dorms. My last day with the beautiful people of Hill Hall.


Lazaro, my new and good friend from Southern California. He now blogs at

#30 (brine and dine)

I asked for salt
you gave me brine

you asked, “How much?”
I said, “That’s fine.”

my mouth was wet
but now it’s dry

now that my eyes
again are mine

I look around
and—oh, surprise—

see other places
I can find

far richer food
on which to dine