At Quest today, Pastor Eugene asked, “Do people know who you are?” After this he asked why Christians are silent about their faith. While I don’t like shoving things down people’s throats, I guess I would like people to know what I believe.
Last week I turned in a paper for a class (shoutout to Keuss and muh UScholerz). The paper was about the history of my spiritual life—six pages, single spaced. The last page was my personal creed, or what I claim to believe. While it is probably missing a lot, it does say what I believe. Here it is, slightly revised:

I believe in one triune God: the Father/Creator, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
I believe that God became flesh and experienced human life, but remained completely divine.
I believe that Jesus defeated sin and death through resurrection after crucifixion.
I believe that there will be a day of judgment for each of us, but I also believe that on that day we will be astounded by the infinite grace and love of our Father.
I believe in hell, but I have no clue who ends up there or how they get there.
I believe in heaven, but I don’t understand how it is both present and yet to come.
I believe that Jesus can save those who don’t know him by name.

I believe that science attempts to explain the glorious works of God and should thus be embraced by the church.
I believe that God could’ve made the world any way God wanted to, although I doubt it happened in seven days.

I believe that the Church is a beautiful thing—flawed, sure.
I believe that everything is connected. Thus, a Christian cannot be in isolation.
I believe that the Church’s divisions reveal the freedom that God gives us.

I believe that God gives us freedom.
I believe that freedom can lead us away from God. This is sin.
I believe that God has a will.
I believe that we are in God’ will when we love God and love others.
I believe that the image of God is in everyone, meaning that every person has value just by being alive.

I believe that God loves and hears regular devotional prayer as well as spontaneous petitions.
I believe that God is actively involved in my life.
I believe that God will use me for the advancing of God’s kingdom.
I believe that God is changing me through my friendships.
I believe that God speaks through music and stories—sacred and secular.

I believe that in God there is neither man nor woman, black or white, Democrat or Republican, gay or straight, blue-collar or white-collar.
I believe that nothing can separate us from God’s love.

I believe that it is impossible to understand the ways of God.

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